The great poet, Gabriele D’Annunzio, called the Tiber Valley hills “Solenti Clivi”; the area’s tranquil beauty and distinctive features testify to a thousand-year-old pact between people and the land, benefitting from landscape conservation efforts at both a national and European level.

Our project stems from the desire to connect the skills we have acquired in the fields of marketing, agronomy and transformation processes with the age-old olive-growing tradition of the Tiber Valley.

We are situated in the countryside of Filacciano, a charming medieval village dominating the valley from a high spur of tufa rock, just fifty kilometres from Rome, on the border with the province of Rieti.
Our olive groves, clinging to the rocky hillsides, overlook fertile alluvial plains alternating with wild oak forests and well-tended vineyards.

In this beautiful landscape shaped by people’s hard work and with respect for nature and its rhythms, we are far from the chaos of the big city, yet we still feel close to the world. This is why we want to offer the best flavours, colours and culture that Italy has to offer to an international clientele that is growing increasingly appreciative of our land’s most authentic and genuine tastes.

In addition to olive-growing, the cornerstone of our entrepreneurial initiative, we decided to pursue an activity that reflects our passions and harmonises with our production philosophy: breeding Maremmano-Abruzzese sheepdogs, koi carp and, above all, prized breeds of chickens for breeding purposes and the production of high-quality organic eggs.

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