Our farm is a small venture that encapsulates the meaning of these great values. It is the willingness to pursue new avenues and spare no effort that has led us to achieve many of our goals, including not limiting ourselves to importing specimens from the East.

Our stock is the result of a meticulous choice of breeding from the best breeders in Japan, the fruit of travel and accurate research carried out on-site, but the specimens destined for sale in our breeding farm are all born in Italy.

The history of koi carp is closely linked to the history of farming, of which we are the proud custodians and interpreters.

Clearly, in this case, we are not referring to our region’s history, which is the soul and backbone of our company, but to that of Japan, which is a great source of inspiration for our work.
Carp were imported from China and introduced into the rice fields of Japan to feed on insects and larvae that threatened the crops and to ensure the cleanliness of the rice beds. The farmers noticed the spots on the bodies of some of the carp and began the exciting work of selective breeding that led to the characteristic colour mutations (Nishikigoi) and the development of the many fascinating varieties we see today.
This fish, capable of swimming against the current, is the protagonist of myths; according to Chinese legend, the carp obtains immortality after ascending the Yellow River to reach the Dragon Gate, embodying the strength of will and the ability to follow one’s own path. It is also at the centre of enchanting traditions in Japan, where its colourful effigy in paper or fabric flies over houses on the occasion of the Children’s Festival, propitiating the growth of strength and virtue in young men.

In our breeding farm, we breed the following koi varieties: Doitsu Sanke, Chagoi, Benigoi, Aka Matsuba, and Karashigoi.

We believe that a koi of Japanese blood born in our country not only possesses the characteristic traits and virtues of these beautiful creatures, but also develops a greater ability to adapt to our waters and our environment

Our breeding farm features a breeding lake and a series of breeding and selection tanks, all in the open air, so that the newborns can live in perfect harmony with our climate. All tanks are monitored daily to ensure the highest water quality at all times.

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